Yi-Chin Lee is a computational designer and researcher, Invested in a material-centric fabrication research.  Her mind and though actively shift between computational thinking and artistic expression. She had extensive experience working with geometry folding, computational fabrication, human-robot interaction, and body movement representation. Recently her research focuses on developing novel hybrid design workflow that embodies human’s tacit knowledge into the fabrication process.

Yi-Chin is currently a Computational Design Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. She received a Master of Technology and Art and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at National Cheng Kung University. During her time in Carnegie Mellon University, from 2018 to 2020, she was research assistant in both Morphing Matter lab in Human Computer Interaction Institute and Robotic lab in School of Architecture. From 2013 to 2018, she was working as design intern in several creative design firm around the world, including YENTING CHO studio in London, Mediamatic in Netherlands and XxtraLab Design in Taiwan.

With an interest in textiles, and a belief in craft making and community, she is now working on hybrid system base on textile crafts, all the on going experiments are collected on her instagram.

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